January 3, 2011

Our Trip to 'Mambas' House

Everyday, for about two weeks before going to grandma's house in Texas - every time we would get in the car to go anywhere Alexa would exclaim "Mambas House!!!???"  And I would very patiently have to tell her over and over, not yet baby, only 12 more days, or 8 more days, or 2 more days, and finally tomorrow ok?

And so the day finally came that we set off for our trip to Mambas House as she call's Grandma's House.  We got to spend time with my hubby's family and got to eat A LOT of good food my mother-in-law had prepared for our visit.

A couple hours into our journey to mambas house we got to delight in this glorious sunrise.

While at Mambas House we also got to enjoy a fabulous moon rise, which this picture in no way does justice to.  The moon looked like a GIGANTIC egg laying sideways on the horizon.  So awesome!

Then Alexa investigating things outside of grandma's house.  I love this little outfit.  I took it off the manikin at Old Navy! =)

And here is Alexa after she decided she was still hungry after dinner and picked up a cucumber from grandma's kitchen table and was chomping away!  Can't say she doesn't like to eat.

And here is poor Mamba knocked out from all her cooking!

And my other baby girl a couple days shy of seven years old seen here with her oldest cousin Trisha. 

And last an almost group picture.  I'm missing because I'm taking the pic and then a couple of nieces {cousins} are also missing.  But here is part of the group we got to spend 5 days and share one bathroom with. =)  Yes, Mambas house is small but it's warm and cozy and always filled with love

  It was nice visiting with family.  It was nice for me to able to relax and not have to cook. It was not nice I gained a few extra pounds, but I'm pregnant right so maybe nobody will notice. ;)


  1. Alexa is just adorable! And I LOVE that outfit too! With a boy I kinda miss that =)

    Many blessings for a wonderful new year for you all!

  2. We definitely had a great time. Lexi's first Xmas in TX :)


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