December 17, 2010

Baby #4

Okay, so I've been hiding a lil secret.  Okay, maybe a big secret but I feel it's time to share...

Baby #4 is on it's way!

say hello to my little friend!

Yes, we're nervous and exicted! As you can see the baby is not a little bean anymore - I am 19 weeks today.  I had my level II ultrasound yesterday and docs said the baby looks great!  Heart looks beautiful!  And we are thrilled and relieved beyond belief.  We will still be having a fetal echo in January, just to double check things but it was so nice to hear those words.  With Alexa we found out something was wrong at our ultrasound appointment, so this time I was prepared for any news but hopeful for good news.  I will always suspect {and regret} that me getting very sick with a fever and bronchitis the first few weeks while pregnant with Alexa affected her heart development.  But I know I will never know.  So with this baby I was very nervous and cautious not to get sick those first crucial weeks. 

We also already know the sex of the baby but I'm going to wait to share that news a bit until we tell our families.  Since I'm almost 5 months now, the usual nausea and fatigue are gone - thankfully! Now I just have some yummy cravings I must obey and to wrap my brain and heart around being a mother of  F O U R !!!!


  1. Congrats on #4 and a healthy looking heart!!!

  2. OMG! Such really, really great news! You're awesome! Congrats!

  3. Congrats! I am new to your blog, but such exciting news!!

  4. Congratulations Michelle!!! Wonderful news all around!!

  5. Thank's everyone for your sweet messages here and on facebook! We appreciate all of your love and support!


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