August 27, 2011

Three Months {and late again}

Luke 3 months on 8.18
{these pics taken today}

You are all smiles now! You love to dance and generally be bounced up and down. You have begun to bat and grab at your toys and of course taste everything.  I love how you are soaking up the world around you.  How you intently examine everything in your line of sight.  Your not too fond of laying on your tummy long but it's growing on you.  You can do a full 360 degree turn on the floor as you try to move.  You also rolled from your tummy to your back a few times!  You love when I sing to you.  Especially anything with hand movements like Itsy Bitsy Spider and Pat A Cake.  You are ticklish.  You are currently wearing a Size 2 diaper.  You weigh about 16 pounds and are wearing 6-9 months clothes.  You are my first baby that actually prefers to be laid down while drowsy after nursing and rocking for a bit.  I am amazed you can peacefully fall asleep on your own.  You smile when I lay you on your bed, you recognize this is as your safe and special space.  You still wake up about 2-3 times a night ~ mostly 3.  You are enjoying your new Tiny Love Mobile and Sophie the giraffe teether.  You had your first fever and cold thanks to your lil big sis.  You Luke ... light up my life.  I miss you when you sleep.  I daydream of you.  I love you.  I like that I can soothe you.  And you soothe me.  I have visions of you.  I can see you as a little toddler running around full of happiness and glee.  I can hear you call me mommy.  I can see the look in your eye full of wonder.  I can feel your warm embrace and your sloppy sweet kiss on my cheek.   I look forward to those days, as each day I get to know you more and more.   But for now I cherish and relish in these moments, smelling like spoiled milk and all because you are my good and perfect gift from above ~ you are my present.       

Love you forever ~ mommy.

August 4, 2011


 These are the moments I wish not to forget.

  One of my current favorite things is watching my baby girl pretned play. 
I love when she is completely submerged in her own little world.  
I sometimes like to spy and hide behind my kitchen wall
so I can enjoy listening to all the toys 'conversations'. 
 I smile and my heart swells with joy.

I love her so much.

After just learning of the unfair passing of another child with CHD, 
 a precious five year old little boy with HLHS named Mario Martinez,
I am again reminded of the fragility of life.
My heart goes out to the family.

I can't help but hope and pray I get to keep her forever.    

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