August 4, 2011


 These are the moments I wish not to forget.

  One of my current favorite things is watching my baby girl pretned play. 
I love when she is completely submerged in her own little world.  
I sometimes like to spy and hide behind my kitchen wall
so I can enjoy listening to all the toys 'conversations'. 
 I smile and my heart swells with joy.

I love her so much.

After just learning of the unfair passing of another child with CHD, 
 a precious five year old little boy with HLHS named Mario Martinez,
I am again reminded of the fragility of life.
My heart goes out to the family.

I can't help but hope and pray I get to keep her forever.    


  1. Ahhh babe. Those are precious pictures of her playing that I too won't forget. Thanks.

  2. We all <3 Lexi. She's truly a special little girl that has made us all grow. Hearing her laugh brings joy to all who can hear her.


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