September 21, 2010


Hello all!  I know I've been missing in action and have been very bad by not updating so many things that have been going on but I will soon. 

Right now I am just bursting with jealousy and need to write about it! 


I am insanely jealous as I read about other people enjoying the change of season.  The new crisp air.  Having their windows open.  Talking about boots and scarfs, apple pie, changing leaves etc. 

As I type this it is 102 degrees in my neck of the desert.  I am tired of the hot air.  The hot mornings and the hot evenings.  It has begun to cool down a little at night but I am asleep when that happens.  I only catch a trace of it when I wake up about 5 am and then by 8 am it is warm again. 

I don't know why I love autumn so much.  I even thought of naming Alexa, Autumn.  I was jealous of the girl in high school named Autumn.  I love big puffy clouds, and cool breezes.  I love the smell of spice and pumpkin pie.  I had some pumpkin pie last night with whip cream - it was the best!  But it somehow feels wrong eating it with your windows closed and your air conditioning on. 

I need to move.  I want to move. My kids don't miss autumn because they've never known it.  But I want them to know it while they are still children.  We went to visit Austin, Texas and it was lovely with huge trees, rivers and lakes.  I love the green, the rolling hills and the laid back atmosphere.  I could do Austin.  It was warm and humid while we were there but there was still lots of people out riding their bikes, walking their dogs and with their baby strollers at 11 a.m.  You could not do that here.  Well you could but you would more than likely pass out and get a heat stroke.  I want seasons.  I want less heat.  I want autum..  Where should I go?  I don't think I could handle tons of snow and ice.  I've never lived where it snowed before.  A couple winters back we were visiting family in El Paso and we woke up and it was snowing!  It was so exciting for all of us. I don't mind some snow some of the time.  Is it bad to live where it snows?  Is it hard?  People here seem so happy to have gotten away of the snow and the shoveling.  I just don't know.  Do you love where you live?  What do you love about it? 

I grew up in southern California.  We didn't have drastic seasons there but you do feel the change.  As a kid I would get very excited when September would roll around and Labor Day would pass and I knew that meant the end of summer.  End of swimming and Popsicle's, camping trips and endless summer nights.  You could feel it in the air.  It was crisp and fresh.  The leaves began to fall, the days to get shorter.  I knew that in a few short months, I would be standing in line in front of my class overlooking the San Gabriel Mountains filled with snow.  And the cold wind from the mountains would blow down to my school and carry the leaves swirling back and forth, my hair flying in the wind and my hands covered with mittens over my my mouth to puff some warm air on them and ready to go inside our cozy classroom.

I want my kids to experience a change of seasons.  To be excited and happy inside.  I am crazy for this?  Are the seasons important in your life and for your children?  Or do you not really pay attention?  I've always been very in tune with my surroundings how they affect my mood.  The breeze on my face, the warmness of the sun on my cheek, the big blue sky, the puffy white cloud streaming overhead.  I am just so tired of the endless heat.  Some people who are so tired of the endless winter and snow love it here.  I've lived half of my life in California and the other half here, I am ready for a change.  Been thinking of Austin, Texas, Colorado, Utah or the pacific northwest but am open to all suggestions.  Please tell me if you love where you live and why?  Or the best place you ever lived or where you dream of living.

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