January 7, 2011

Memory Lane 2010

Here are a few highlights from our 2010 - it was amazing! 

Alexa had her heart cath in preparation for her open heart surgery.
She spent two nights in the hospital. One the night after the cath and
another a few days later when her 02 levels dipped lower than usual because of the cath.  
I spent the month recovering from a torn calf muscle
and preparing emotionally for what was to come.
On a fun note we took our older kids to the production of Annie!

 A very emotional month! On Feb. 23, 2010 our baby endured an
8 hour open heart surgery. Alexa recovered well but needed to be re operated 6 days
later to insert a pacemaker as she was in surgical heart block. On Wednesday, March
3rd {after 8 days} we walked {ran} out of the hospital doors -so very grateful and ready for HOME!
We are so thankful for the love and support of family and friends during this time. 

Was spent mostly home and at follow-up doc appts. Alexa was completely
transformed from being easily winded to running non stop like the energizer bunny!
We could tell she felt great, better than she ever had before. It was a joy to see! We
settled into our ‘new’ new normal. Family came from out of state to visit and to take
grandma back home {after helping us out during this time}. 

 Celebrated my parents 35th wedding anniversary!
Enjoyed meeting other local heart families at a Mended Little Hearts Picnic.
Attenden an Arizona Diamondback game with Caleb’s baseball team.
Caleb also won Academic Achievement Award at school!

 Celebrated my brother and sis-in-law 10 year wedding anniversary at a
beautiful beach house in Oceanside, Ca. {that we almost burnt down having a fish fry
in the patio ~ yikes!} Also, attended District Convention and explored Sabino Canyon in
Tucson, AZ with kids.  Hiked the canyon and swam in a rare Arizona river and waterfall!

 Went to Disneyland for the first time with Alexa in our family!
During this trip was the first and only time Alexa got sick the whole year!
Despite the illness, she was in good spirits and enjoyed Disney and the beach! 
Enjoyed this vacation with hubby’s side of the family.
Kids also took swim lessons and enjoyed lot's of swimming at Nana & Tata’s home.

This month we said our sad goodbye's to our beloved dog Dash.  
Alexa went to Texas to visit Grandma for the first time!
We got a new dog named Marley.
We visited {Spanish} District Convention.

 This was back to school month - Yazzy started 1st grade and Caleb 3rd grade!
We were busy helping Nana and Tata move out of their home. 
Kids enjoyed, last days at Nana's pool.
We found out we would be welcoming a new baby into our family!!!!


 Took us for a visit to Austin, Texas.  I was in love!
We had/have hopes of possibly moving there one day. 
We also visited San Antonio, Texas including the Alamo and River walk. 
Alexa turned TWO Beautiful Years Old on the 2nd!
Oh, I was already beginning to feel drained {6 weeks preggers}.

Finally after what seemed like many months of packing and repacking,
we finally just enjoyed being home! Alexa was potty trained this month! She did great!
Only took her a few days to get the hang of it! {proud mommy!}
I launched my new{redesigned} photography website I had been working very hard on.
My baby boy turned NINE amazing years old on the 17th! 
Can't believe I have a child that old already!
And he got named Student of the Month {again - proud momma}!
We participated in the first Phoenix, Arizona Congenital Heart Walk!
With the generous support of family and friends we raised over $500 for Team Alexa,
supporting The Children's Heart Foundation! 
I photographed this event and a few others.
Went to a nice party at my lil' sis' house and grandma came over for a nice visit.
This month we had our level II ultrasound and found out the baby looks great!  
We also found out the sex but this will be revealed in the next week or so.
We were so happy and relieved!
We headed back for a trip to Mambas {grandma’s} house in ol' El Paso Texas.
Spent nice time with hubby's family relaxing and eating.
My baby girl, Yazzy turned SEVEN wonderful years old on Dec. 28th!

{kid's crazy hair day at school -last week of school 2010}

What a year!

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  1. What an amazing year you guys have had. Congratulations on your heart healthy baby! Sooo happy for you all!


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