April 2, 2010

19 months!

In today's email box I had a message from BabyCenter entitled, Your 19th-month-old : Week 1, that in part said:       

"When you're out and about, your toddler's favorite pastime may be running away from you as fast as she can, squealing in delight as you rush to catch up.  Build in extra time when running errands."

I could have used that piece of advice before I left home today.  I went to do errands.  Alexa was happily asleep for a little while.  Alexa woke up.  Alexa rearranged items in the store.  As they said, Alexa ran away from me squealing in delight as I tried to catch up.  Alexa was put back in her stroller. Alexa ate crackers.  Alexa spilled water all over herself.  Alexa got some new dry clothes.  Alexa wanted to run away again.  Alexa threw a tantrum.  Alexa was carried to the register.  Alexa wanted the cash register's marker.  Alexa was carried to her car seat.  Alexa was taken home.  Alexa's mommy read this message and thought about how Alexa turned 18 months old in the hosptial recovering from two {open} heart surgeries. Alexa's mommy makes a mental note that she needs to build in extra time for errands but has learned a more valuable lesson that babycenter forgot to mention ... to smile at these priceless moments.      

Alexa 19 months old today! 

And with her big brother who is smitten with her. 

Way to go Caleb on winning an Academic Excellence Award today at the Honor Roll Assembly! 


  1. SWEET pictures! I smiled reading your update because I deal with the same issues when I take Logan to the store. He is normally well behaved but every now and again he behaves like a typical toddler and has a meltdown in the middle of the store. I just laugh.....and thank my lucky stars that he is here.

  2. Que bonita foto.Que bien se la ve,me alegro tanto que ya este recuperada...besos para todos vosotros.

  3. She is beautiful, happy happy 19 months!! :)

    Daniele from Babycenter


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