March 19, 2010

Good Day and Surgeon Follow-up

Alexa had a great follow-up with her surgeon. Dr. T.  He mentioned that not only did Alexa recover very well but she did so very fast. He also said that her heart is strong and sounds great! This of course was music to my ears!  For the first time in a while I felt a sense of releif.  I actually said aloud to myself that it was a good day! Joy has begun to set in and it feels great ~ I say welcome back!

Me and Lexi before we went to her appt with Dr. T

Lexi with her grandma (my mother-in-law)

So grateful she came from out of town to help us out during Alexa's surgery! 

Also wanted to send my well wishes to two of Alexa's heart buddies in the hospital as they are still there and I have been thinking and praying for them.  To Diego and his mommy Carmen.  Diego was actually born with same heart issues as Alexa and he had his BT Shunt the same day Alexa had her pacer surgery, he will also be needing a Rastelli down the road.  He is having some feeding issues and docs even mentioned a GTube, they have been in the hospital about 5 weeks now.  Also to Allie, who has endured so many many surgeries, and was recently on ECMO got off but needed a diaphgrahm surgery to try and get off the ventilator, please also keep her in your prayers.


  1. Alexa is am amazing little girl!! She just touches my heart. Sending you a big (9hug))you have also been through so much.

  2. Besos para todos de vuestra hermana en la fe.

  3. So amazing how well Alexa has done on her recovery :). Sending our love your way

  4. Alexa looks great Michelle! I am so glad that you got some good news at her appointment! Praying for the other kiddos!

  5. She looks great!
    Very happy to see your little girl healthy!
    All the best!

  6. She looks amazing! I'm so glad you got a good report from Dr. T. I'm still visiting both families in the hospital and I'm so glad you got the chance to meet them. I'll be praying for all the heart babies to go home soon.


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