April 15, 2010

A Wonderful Life

On Saturday, the 10th of April, we celebrated my parents 35th Wedding Anniversary {althought their real anniversary date is April 27th}!  It was a surprise party held at our house!  I had been extremely busy with this project.  A collaborated effort between my siblings and our amazing spouses.  The event turned out so wonderful and my parents were completely surprised.  We invited long old time friends and family.  Many came from out of state.  It was great to see my parents reaction. They never had a wedding, nor went on a honeymoon and besides taking then out for a nice dinner they had never had a party for any of their previous anniversaries and so we knew it was time! About a month after Alexa's surgery I told my sibblings I was ready to start planning and working.  We did it all very fast and then we waited for the day and prayed for good weather.  At night it looked so nice because we had so many nice lights up in the trees and a string of lights above the dance floor.  On the menu was tacos de carne asada, al pastor and chicken, beans, rice, pasta salad, chips, and all kind of salsa's.  To drink there was aguas frescas de horchata, tamarindo, punch, beer and water.  Yum!   Here are a few pics to commenmorate the occasion.

My little family

My parents with good friends, the first to give them bible study

My siblings

The Mariachi's

Waiting in suspense for the guest's of honor {i.e. my parents} to arrive

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