February 24, 2010

A Thousand Words ~ Update 5

We were so happy and relieved to finally be reunited with our precious daughter.  So glad to have the actual surgery behind us.  Now comes the recovery phase of this complex 8 hour surgery.  It was a long hard day for all involved but of course especially for Alexa.  She has endured so much and has been a true warrior through it all! We are so proud of her!  And also eternally grateful to our God Jehovah for sustaining her and us through it.

In case you have no idea what CHD looks like, what CHD does to a baby, I am posting the ugly truth ~

a picture

because as they say,

a picture is worth a thousand words. 

and although it is so very very very hard to have to see your baby through something like this,

I can still see the beauty of her being, CHD is not Alexa, it is only a part of her. 

To us, beneath all the wires and tubes, she is still just our baby.  Our innocent and beautiful princess.

Now, on why I am still awake at this late hour ~ well, although Lexi is currently asleep, she has been trying to wake and even sit up every now and then.  She gets pretty agitated when she wakes up and realizes she has a tube down her throat and of course wants to pull it out.  So hubby and I are taking turns staying up by her bedside.  She has an awesome nurse, Larry, who has been taking great care of her.  Docs are thinking of pulling out the breathing tube soon, as soon as they know she will be fully awake.  She is receiving very little help from the machine and is acutally breathing over it and her blood gases are good so they are confident she is ready.  Hopefully it will be soon, although I am glad she is resting and if she keeps sleeping till morning then they will just let her rest.  So we shall see.  Also just wanted to say thanks to my family that was able to come down and spend this loooong day with us, it definately helped to have you here.  And to those that were not able to be here, we understand and could still feel your support.  Please keep praying for a smooth and speedy recovery for Alexa.  Thanks and good night (morning).   


  1. Hermana como impresiona ver a tu hija con tantos tubos y demás....pero me alegra mucho que todo haya salido bien gracias a Jehová.He orado por ella al igual que vosotros y otros muchos hermanos que no conocéis,todo ha salido bien gracias a Jehová y me alegro mucho mucho mucho.
    Muchos besos para vosotros aunque no me conozcáis soy vuestra hermana en la fe y con eso basta ¿verdad?.Estamos en contacto y gracias por informarnos.

  2. So glad surgery was a success. May beautiful Alexa have an uneventful recovery and be back in your arms in no time. Be sure to take care of yourselves as well. Angie Montgomery

  3. What wonderful news to wake up to this morning! Praise God for all He does!

    I'm so happy to hear that Alexa came out of surgery well and that things are looking good. I know the first few days are always the hardest but Alexa is a fighter so she'll hopefully sail right through it!


    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  4. What a wonderful update! Lexi looks great and he so blessed. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

  5. See looks GREAT! That picture is worth a thousand words. Thank god it is behind you now. Onward to a speedy recovery!

  6. Thank you for the updates, she looks beautiful and I'm praying for her fast recovery now!

  7. What an amazing little girl! I'm so happy that the surgery went well and that she's already trying to breathe on her own. I love that she's so pink!

    Big hugs,

  8. I'm so glad everything went well!! Alexa is quite the trooper!

  9. Beautiful photos. I know people wondered why I took photos post op but really it's a part of life. A hard part but just as important as any milestone. She looks so peaceful. The docs and nurses will pull out wires and tubes so fast, she will soon be connected to only one or two things and probably within a few days be walking around the hospital. I am so happy to hear that the surgery was successful, I look forward to more wonderful updates and pictures as she gets up and around. Very soon you'll be shocked by her energy level!

    Becca Chester

  10. Wow Alexa looks wonderful. Great color after coming out of surgery! No blue she looks pink from my view. I'm so glad it was a success and that she is on to recovery. From California, Lorena Mora

  11. Alexa indeed looks so great!
    hugs and prayers from NC.



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