February 23, 2010

Out of Surgery!!! ~ Update 4

I just got to see my baby for a few moments as they wheeled her by to the PICU and she looked BEAUTIFUL!  She did great we hear and her lips were so pink!  I can honestly say I felt like she was born again.  Those same feelings I felt the first time I saw her after she was born I felt again.  I was in love!  And  ever so grateful to see her again!

We are waiting as they prepare her in her room to go be with her and also still need to meet with the surgeon to see how things went from his perspective.  Will update later! Thank you for all your prayers!  Please keep them coming through these next critical hours after surgery.  Hugs and kisses to all.  We felt your love and prayers on our behalf.


  1. so awesome! praying for the speedy recovery...

  2. We are sooo happy for you. Been thinking of you and praying the recovery goes smoothly. What a miracle! Annamarie, 1in100

  3. So happy that things are going well!! I have been following along and praying for your family! You've given me hope as I prepare for my daughter's 3rd operation (Fontan) that will take place in 2 weeks! Thank you and God Bless!!!


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