February 24, 2010

Heart Block & Maybe Fluid ~ Update 6

Alexa has been doing for the most part very well.  All the docs are very pleased with her progress.  She was able to get extubated last night at about 4:45 a.m.   It was rough but she did feel obviously relieved to have he tube gone.  She has been feeling still quite a bit of pain today, being very restless.  I notice she is not able to catch her breath and she panicks as do I. Kind of stays stuck in a breath.  They think it is due to the chest tube pain. They are thinking she also might have some pleural effusions, fluid around the lungs.  They are going to be doing a chest x-ray shortly.  Another worry we have is that she is in complete heart block.  This means her heart us unable to beat on it's own.  There is a signal starting in her atrium but not registering within her ventricle at all.  She is being paced with an external pacemaker now but they are hoping that it is just the inflamation affecting her and within a few days her electrical function will return.  If not, Alexa will need another operation to implant a pacemaker.  All very stressful.  Please continue to keep her in your prayers.  She does not feel well today at all.  No smiles from my baby yet.  Please pray that her normal heart rythim making ability returns soon.  And for no fluid.


  1. Oh Michelle!! HUGE {{{HUG}}} for you! I know that the heart block can be a complication with this surgery and I am praying very hard that Alexa regains her electrical function. Logan developed partial heart block after his but doesn't require a pace maker.

    Saying MANY prayers for Alexa this evening that she recovers from this surgery with no speed bumps and that all of the issues she is facing right now will resolve on their own!

    Hang in there!!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  2. Hey There,

    Claire was also in complete heart block ~ for so long that we were actually briefed by the electrophysiology team and they were scheduling her for a pacer placement. And then on day 3 she decided that she was ready and never looked back. Our surgeon told us that the electrical system often gets "irritated" when the VSDs are closed (or in our case, used for something else). We will pray that Alexa's heart is just tired and trying to recover.

    Glad to hear that she's breathing on her own! That's a great sign. We'll be praying that she starts to feel better soon.

    Big hugs,

  3. I've been following your blog for some time, I don't comment but I figured I would, thanks for the encouraging words that ALWAYS seems to come from your battles. Alexa is a beautiful angel and God is taking care of her :) be blessed and know Jacksonville, Florida is praying for your precious baby girl!

  4. Thanks for all the updates. Lexi is such a warrior, she must get it from her warrior parents. :)


  5. We will have you in our prayers incessantly to Jehovah! It is not easy to deal with all Alexa is dealing with! I remember having plueral effussion as a nine year old. It will be helpful if that will be relieved so, she can concentrate her energy on regenerating her heart concerns. We will pray specifically for her health issues. Ps. 30:2
    Cozi sends her love and is very anxious to play with Yazmin and Caleb. I will keep you posted how we feel. Is. 41:10, 13

  6. oh Michele. I know it's hard to find out about something that is not going like you expected to.
    Praying for no fluid and no pacemaker...
    and no anxiety for you and your hub...


  7. We are praying for Alexa and you and your family. Much love
    Love your sister NG

  8. Continuing to pray... My Sophia also developed CHB after her Senning Rastelli and is now pacemaker dependant. Praying that doesn't happen for Lexi. Hopefully today will be a better day. Take care. Angie Montgomery

  9. I've been praying hard for Alexa and will continue to!!



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