December 15, 2009

192 hours of rest {lessness}

I am blue 

I am ready to get on with my life. 

But sigh .... my leg doesn't think so. 

It's been 192 hours (Eight Days) since I last walked.  I find myself on the floor A LOT.

My accomplishments today:

I got up!
Combed Yasmin's hair for school.
Remembered to give kids lunch money.
Fed them old fashioned oatmeal for breakfast.
I decided I need to get out of my frumpy sweats and so I took a bath.
(of course Alexa woke from her nap just as I was starting to relax in the hot water)
Got dolled up a bit.
I struggled to feed Alexa lunch, hard to carry anything in your hands when you need them to hold you up with the crutches.
The other day I sat on a stool in front of my stove and made breakfast for everyone - eggs, ham, potatoes, and flour tortillas - was very proud of myself.
 I tried to clean up and Alexa beat me to taking things down and out. 
I read a magazine.
I cried of desperation.
I supervised my kids in some chores that I couldn't do.  
I used a heat pad on my leg.
We will be having Tuna Sandwiches for dinner, with egg slices, avocado, lettuce on whole grain bread.  I'm looking forward to it.
And more importantly, I'm trying to remain positive and learn from this experience.

And thank you to the love of my life
who has taken on more than his share during this rehab period of my injury!!
Love you babe!!

And again thanks to my lovely mom for coming over every day to help me.  I don't know what I'd to without her.  And thanks dad for not minding her coming over for a few hours.  She is so great she even postponed her vacation she was planning to visit her mom.  I want her to go because my grandma is 80 years old but she said she can't leave me like this.  I love you momma!


  1. Hi Michelle, thank you for your comment on Lily's blog. I wanted to answer your question about the Ross surgery percentage rate. As the Ross procedure is 98%, the Ross-Kono is less. It could be higher then the last time I checked, I will have to ask Dr.C again when we see him next. Hopefully it is up in the 80% rather then the 60-70%. I will keep your family in my prayers also, and hope your news doesn't take you by surprise at the end of the month like ours did. Have a very Merry Christmas and a greaat new year.


  2. Hi Michelle it is me again, I just did research, something you would figure I would have rechecked during that latest blog, seeing I googled so many other things, but you are correct from everything I read. it says 90-98% survival rate, so I stand corrected. I will double check when her surgeon but i am sure from all that we have both now read, are pretty current with what he knows. thank you so much for bringing that to my attention, makes me feel a little better going into this surgery!

  3. Hi Jenna,

    Yeah I should of typed out Ross-Kono when I mentioned it. I didn't know if maybe Lily had something unique about her heart that changed those numbers. But I am glad that you found the studies too and that now you can have a better outlook on the situation. Those numbers are definitely MUCH NICER to take going into surgery. Again wishing you the best!



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