December 12, 2009

Down and dreaming

Hello all ~


my dog, my torn calf muscle, my new crutches and orthopedic boot

my new sad life

I can no longer stand or walk unassisted.  I cannot carry Alexa when she wants to be picked up, I cannot run to her when she falls, I cannot clean my house, do laundry or make dinner.  I'm sure I could if I had to but for now I'm just trying not to fall with my crutches.  I can only warm things up and fold clothes.  Anything that requires sitting I'm good.  My good leg hurts for carrying all my weight when standing on it or hopping around on it. I've resorted to crawling around my house at times (not fun and little degrading for a mother), my shoes do not fit on my swollen foot, I now take baths instead of showers (only visible perk about this). 

I dream of walking again unassisted, being able to take Alexa on our daily strolls around the lake, running/jogging again like before I tore my calf muscle and of wearing some sexy heels again. 

I am sad.

I was depressed.

Now I'm just waiting.


Hoping my leg will heal soon.

Thankful it is nothing worse.

If you can walk, be grateful.

I will never take walking for granted again.

Taking a simple beautiful step without pain is a wondrous miracle of design and engineering.

I will always warm up before I run.  I will listen to my body and not push beyond my limits.

I hope I can lift my baby and carry around anywhere her little heart desires.

In the meantime, thank goodness for Nana ~ my lovely mother who has come to my home everyday to help
and my wonderful sis in law Betty!   

Oh and congrats to my little guy who won 2nd place in his flag football league. Go Snakes!

So has this happened to anybody else?  Any clue when I may walk and/or run again? Would love to know. 

Thanks and good night!

1 comment:

  1. name is Nelda. I hope you feel better soon! God Bless!
    Thanks for stopping by to my blog, I appreciated it.


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