December 23, 2009

Random Thoughts

My random thoughts ~ 

~  I'm getting better, slowly but surely.  I can see light at the end of this tunnel.  Very happy!  I can also lift Alexa, just can't walk with her yet. Thankfully my honey has been home all week to help.  I hope to be able to walk normally/painlessly in a couple more weeks (hoping).  

~  Alexa will be getting her Synagis shots on Monday, December 28th I switched her from the 24th because there is two nurses on this day and they can inject both shots (one in each leg) at the same time - this I'm hoping will minimize her crying and pain, since those darn shots are very painful, not the needle but all the liquid that goes into the muscle.  I think this might be her last flu season needing them.

~  Alexa has a cardiology appointment on Thursday, December 31st.  We will find out on this day if/when Alexa will be getting her Hearth Cath and possibly what doc thinks about surgery.  Her oxygen sats on this day will determine how to proceed.  Alexa is 15 months, almost 16 months on the 2nd of January.  Her original surgery was suppose to happen back when she was 12 months so these added months have been a bonus.  Both my hubby, mom and I notice she gets more easily tired now after walking/running around after just a short while.  She just stop and lays down in the middle of floor anywhere she is, takes a rest then gets back up.  I notice her nail beds seem more purple to me as to her fingertips.  Of course it doesn't help that it's been cold.  So we just watch and wait.  These are just reminders to me of what awaits us.  And my poor little one hurt herself so bad today, she tripped as she was walking and she normally braces her falls, but today she landed right on her mouth and nose.  She was all bloody for a while.  I noticed that she tore her labial frenum, that little tissue that connects from your top lip to your gum inside.  Poor princess.  Doc said it should be fine, no need to repair it.  I'm worried about her front teeth now though.  Sigh.

~ Oh, exciting!  My hubby and I actually got to go on date for the first time in who knows how many ions.  We had dinner, talked uninterrupted (except by waiter) and went to see the movie Avatar.  It was visually stunning.  The story line made you think.  I kept hearing about how this was a whole new world Pandora, and although I agree it was visually stunning to watch I couldn't help but think that really Pandora was much like earth.  For example, there were horses but instead of 4 legs they had 6, and they're was still things we know here like mountains, waterfalls, trees, jellyfish type creatures, dragons like the dinosaurs of old.  So really, it made me think that nobody can top God the ultimate designer and creator. I enjoyed my date, dinner and the movie.

~ We wanted to take Yasmin to see The Princess and the Frog and since we could not take Alexa with us to the theater, well we prefer not to, we decided to go to the drive-in.  It was a little crazy at first but after we got everyone situated and fed, things worked out and we enjoyed the show.

~ I also got to go to my Circuit Assembly and to enjoy many talks geared towards strengthening us spiritually.  The theme was about, Safe Guarding Your Spiritual Heart In Sick World. Really enjoyed getting spiritual reminders and strengthening our love for God.

~ And here is a pic of my son Caleb at the assembly.  I couldn't believe it when I saw him all dressed up and ready to go.  It hit me how big, grown up and handsome he is getting.  I saw a glimpse of the man he is becoming.  For a moment time stood still and my heart fluttered both with joy and sadness.  Time has gone by so fast, he was just a newborn in my arms it feels like yesterday.  I feel like I only have a few more years left to really make an impact on his heart before he turns into a teenager.  I love you son! I am so proud of you! 

Okay, I think that's it for now.


  1. Hello! We are expecting our first baby,(diagnosed with TGA), in about 8 weeks. We have found your Blog to be very encouraging and very "real"... we appreciate that. We have had our many breakdowns and the question of "why us?" has come up as well. To which there is no real answer to. At this point we are in hurry up and wait mode having realized we have done everything possible to ensure a happy outcome. Your baby is beautiful and we pray she continues to do well. Take care... J&JM

  2. Hello I am a fan of your blog as I work in a Cardiologist office in Southern CA and am always interested in anything cardiac. I noticed you do not mention holidays like most people and you mentioned an assembly. Are you by chance a Witness? My family is. Hope your leg is doing better and I hope Alexa test results come out good.

  3. Hi Lorena,

    Yes, I am. Thanks for leaving a message and for the the well wishes. What do you do in the cardiologist office? I'm originally from L.A. area as well.

  4. Hello, I am the Office Coordinator in the office and Medical Assistant I've worked in this office for 10 years now, I love it and the families. I will be continuing in college to become a registered nurse I had to put it on hold because I have a little one that is only 20 months old. I love it here we live in Long Beach, CA. So LA is close to us. It's nice to see a blog that I can relate to more without all the holiday stuff. Hope all is well, Lorena Mora


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