October 13, 2009

Of Hope and Prayers

Although, I am grateful that Alexa and all my children are tonigth safe at home and peacefully embraced in sweet slumber, my heart cannot help but ache and worry for someone else's children right now. I am a heart mother after all, and these babies, are well heart babies, and they could be mine or yours. And I have sat where these parents are sitting, and I have cried the same tears and made the same supplications to God. And tonight I think of them baby Scarlett and baby Aiden and baby Hope who is thankfully doing better. I think of you, and your mommies and daddies, and family. I think of the battle you are facing right now, as I type these words, the battle for your life, and as I look at your picture of a tiny baby in a bed fighting to survive, it just breaks my heart. It makes me tired, it makes, me weak, it makes me mad and sad, and depressed, and terrified and thankful, thankful that you have a fighting chance, and thankful that although you feel as parent you will never get through this, you do. And thankful as well, that we have been created in God's image because we are able to show and feel love and compassion for our fellow man, our fellow heart families. Please know, KNOW, that you are in my thoughts and prayers tonight and everyday until your babies are safe at home and peacefully embraced in sweet slumber, where they belong, where all children and babies belong.


  1. Thank you for keeping our family in your prayers. I know all the praying has helped and our miracle, Hope, is on the final steps to coming home.

  2. Very heartfelt. I too feel as though I am the heart mom to all of those precious babies. We all share the same story and have been in those shoes many times.

    Always praying for those special broken hearts!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  3. Thank you Michelle.

    Love Scarlett's mom,


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