October 13, 2009

Thank you to Mr. Neighbor Man

Oh, Thank you! Thank you Mr. Neighbor man! Just want to say, how happy I was to see you today!

An unidentified neighbor that lives somewhere around the corner happened to be walking by my home today when I found a disgusting creature in my garage. Yes, ANOTHER (BIG) scorpion! Why oh why are they popping up in and around my home now after all these years? We've lived here about 8 years and never saw one until last year and now we have seen close to 10 in the last year and a half. It's awful to think about. I hyperventilate when I see them. I HATE squishing. I saw it run under my van as I opened my garage door, I must of freaked it out because it was running in circles with it's tail pointed up. I got the heeby geeby's and put Alexa in her car seat, pulled out my van hoping it was maybe hiding behind a wheel. I then got off my van while in the drive way and ran to my neighbors house as I saw his truck was there but heard the vacuum going so no response to my knocks at the door, plus I was a little bit embarrassed to keep insisting. So I went back to my house, grabbed a shovel, and found the little stinker hiding in a crack, and that is when I saw a neighbor man and lady walking towards me and asked him for the tiny favor of killing the scorpion for me. He did and told me I had nothing to be ashamed of, thank goodness. I then laid a brick on the scorpion to make sure it wouldn't escape until my hubby could get home and dispose of it. Have not been in my garage since.


  1. I am sorry for laughing at your frightening experience. I would be the same way though. I am terrified of spiders so I can only imagine the sheer terror I'd feel seeing a scorpion in my garage. Thank goodness I live in the Midwest!! YIKES!!

    Hope you don't see anymore for a while!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  2. I HATE SCORPIONS!!!! I *stll* have the eebie geebies from seeing one in my garage last week. It terrified me. I'm afraid to walk in my garage, and I always wear shoes in the house. :(


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