July 20, 2011

My two boys

Wow! Another month gone by! I really thought I would have had time to update the blog before this time but I guess it was just wishful thinking on my part.

So baby Luke turned two months old on the 18th of July.  I'm two days late but doing better than last month.  I took him for his check-up on the 18th and he weighed 12 pounds 10.5 ounces! He is also 24 inches long! He is a pretty big boy! I think on the 76% percentile line.  He has only slept through the night one time so far and that night I stood up reading late on the computer, so I was still sleep deprived but not his fault.  He still wakes through the night about once or twice.  Usually he goes right back to sleep after nursing but sometimes he seems very wired and I say he looks like he is 'swimming' in bed because he is just kicking his arms and legs around and is happy and cooing.  Last Saturday he did this and was up from like 2:30a.m. until 5:30 a.m.   I really had planned on going to my 9 a.m. Sunday Bible meeting but I just couldn't get up.  I have to get everyone ready and fed before leaving so it just wasn't going to happen.   Luke is also smiling a lot these days and even beginning to laugh out loud a bit.  The kids are all still just loving him to pieces and it is so sweet to see!

On another note, my BIG baby boy Caleb got braces last week!   He looks so handsome. We did some before and after pics to commemorate the occasion. I was a little bit concerned about him getting braces in what in my opinion is a little early, since he still nine years old. I had braces too but got mine at twelve or thirteen years old but it seems like getting them earlier now is the new trend/recommendation. I've seen kids in his class last school year with braces already. He was excited but now has a more extensive oral hygiene routine to keep up with. The Ortho place is great though and they provide him like a credit card he can earn points on for rewards if he keeps up with all their instructions. I can't believe how much he has grown. He is a great kid, funny, smart and sweet!

Loving all my bambinos!


  1. You simply make the most beautiful babies :) Happy 2 months Luke!

  2. Happy two months Luke! You sure are adorable!!

    I didn't have braces until I was 14. They do them a LOT earlier now than they used to. Our nephew had braces when he was in 2nd grade. Crazy, right?! He'll have to have them again, but that just sounds crazy to me!

    Enjoy all of those adorable babies!

  3. Sweet sweet boys!! Love the pictures!!


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