June 25, 2011

One Month

I should be asleep already but I just couldn't sleep until I came to do this.  It is my goal to take and post a pic of baby Luke everytime he turns a new month, so this self imposed assignment was weighing on my mind. 

Luke turned a month old on June 18th.  This pic was taken today at 5 weeks old.  I'm late but have a lot going on right now so I forgave myself already.   

Luke is
  • a very sweet natured boy
  • super cute
  • 99% breastfed
  • already wearing 3-6 months clothes
  • starting to smile and baby talk
  • entertained by our ceiling fans
  • smothered in hugs and kisses by Alexa {i protect him}
  • adored by his older sibs
  • loved by mom and dad
  • snuggly
  • loving his bath time
  • ocassionaly carried in a sling
  • in sweet slumber in my bed and so I must go to him! 
Sweet Dreams


  1. Gorgeous pic. Totally love it!!

  2. What a wonderful picture! Luke is adorable. Keep the monthly photos comin' :)


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