June 29, 2010

Disneyland and Strep

Alexa was pretty sick a few days before we had our planned trip to Disneyland.  I first thought she had a stomach virus since we have been swimming and could have possibly ingested some pool water.  Then I thought she had a UTI because she was acting like she had pain while urinating.  I picked up some cups at the pediatrician's office before our scheduled appointment so I could try and collect her pee but I missed it two times.  I cried but will spare you the sad details.

She was scheduled for the last appointment of the day.  Although we (doc and I) did not believe Alexa to have Strep they decided to check for it just in case.  To our surprise she tested positive.  So regardless of it being a stomach virus, UTI, whatever, she need antibiotics anyway because of the Strep.  This is the FIRST time Alexa requires antibiotics besides those taken during her hospital stays for surgery.  I think that is pretty impressive considering she almost 2!  I knew after the antibiotics kicked in she would be feeling better soon.  And she did.  Fever subsided her more usual chipper self ream-urged.

I was excited to be taking our three kids together to Disneyland for the first time.  We had taken our older two years past but after everything she went through, it was a dream a come true to be there with Alexa our WHOLE family.  Unfortunately she developed diarrhea and vomiting while on our trip.  Could have been again because she had a stomach virus on top of Strep or found later Strep also causes stomach upset or could have been a reaction to the antibiotics.  Either way I spent lots of time in the restroom and baby caring area changing her and cleaning our stroller after a blowout. 

I kept thinking about how this was Alexa's first time going to Disney.  Watched how excited my son was to be getting on all the fast rides and wondered how we and Alexa would deal with her possibly not being able to ride them in the future.  Yazzy said she was excited to be going to Disney for the first time as 'a big kid' since last time she went she was 3 years old so she says she does not remember much.  I think she did not enjoy the park as much as she is getting older for the kiddie rides but still scared of the big rides.  She did enjoy meeting the princesses though!

Thankfully we got through our trip fine and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Especially the cool California weather!   The only worry I really had was Alexa dehydrating since she was peeing only about 3 times a day and refusing to drink.  I almost took her to a children's clinic but then she decided to drink some more so I felt better.  

The day after Disney we decided to go the beach.  We tried finding Corona Del Mar and got lost and ended up in Newport Beach.  We decided to stay as it had lot's of sand and was not crowded.  We went with hubby's family so the kids had a blast playing in the ocean with their cousins.

The day we were coming home we went to Downtown Disney to do some shopping, browsing and lunching.  Caleb had been requesting to go to the Rain Forest Cafe for a while so we obliged.  Had myself the only big meal of the trip.  A nice steak with coconut shrimp and shrimp scampi, mashed potatoes and roasted veggies! 

When we returned home we spent some more time with hubby's family and Alexa bonding with their pup!

We now feel like this!


  1. Great memories and just a whole lot of fun!


  2. Oh it is so nice to meet Alexa! Shes a DOLL!!!!!!!

    Had we met prior, we could have met up! We spent some time at Downtown Disney last Wednesday!

    I look forward to following your blog! :)

  3. Hi Kristi, Wow we could have met up. We were at Disneyland on Wednesday and then Downtown Disney on Friday. I just read your post that you saw Nicholas Cage how cool! I was not on the look out for celebs and maybe should have been. Glad you guys are having fun while still keeping precautions. I know how that feels and it's a hard adjustment at first. Makes you think twice about normal stuff. Enjoy the Cali weather, how long do you plan on staying there? And thanks for visiting my site. =)

    Gabe, so true and more to come. Love you. xoxo2u2

  4. Looks like you guys had lots of fun. Thats great!!! You'll have to tell us all about it in person. :)


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