March 3, 2010

Maybe Home ~ Update 10

We are sitting in Alexa's room waiting to find out if she will be allowed to go home today.  They were a little concerned she seemed to desat a bit while asleep but I think it was a combination of a bad connection, her pulse ox pressing on my leg, being covered by a blanket and her having some phlem she did not cough out.  Other than that she seems to be doing well and in good spirits.  As I wrote this the nurses came in to remove her central line and her IV.  So she is not longer connected to anything yucky, just the sticker leads on her back and the pulse ox.  Her surgeon, Dr.  T came to take a peek at her early this morning and told her to get ready.  Everyone is pretty sure we will be going home but there is no official okay or discharge orders so we are in limbo.  Dr. T had another surgery today so we must wait till he is out for more info.  For now we will let Alexa keep playing and walking around.  We have one foot out the door, packed some stuff up yesterday night but I was still nervous about the PICU monster making a comeback to our room.  My hubby said he is gone now, so I hope so.  Sleeping at home tonight would be just a marvelous dream come true. 


  1. She looks so great Michelle!! I hope you can all go home today!!!!


  2. oh and her shirt is hilarious, where did you get it? :)

  3. I love her shirt! She looks like she's in great spirits and definitely ready to go home. You'll be so happy when you get to sleep in your own bed, and I'm sure Alexa will be happy to go home as well.

    Becca Chester

  4. I hope you get to go home today. I am she is doing so well. She is just adorable. Praying for your family. Sending you a big ((HUG)).

  5. I LOVE the photos of Alexa! It is so heart warming to see her so happy! I am hoping you guys get to go home too!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  6. So glad for you. I hope you go home today. I have to go my six month old pood need to change lol!!!
    Love NG

  7. Que bien esta! es increible lo pronto que se recuperan los niños.Cuanto me alegro por Alexa y por vosotros.Besos para esa preciosidad.


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