January 27, 2010

Love Your Love Notes

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all you that have taken the time to not only read some of my posts but to reply to them.  Your comments and kind words of encouragement, support and prayers mean so very much! I love reading your comments!  I also appreciate your emails, phone calls, texts, visits and just everything you do to show you care. 

It feels good to have our feelings acknowledged, know that someone is listening, thinking of us, cares for us and/or is praying on our behalf. And I think this is especially true when we are facing real hardships in our lives.  And that is why your comments mean so much.  Makes me feel good knowing someone out there cares about what happens to my baby.

I know I have some friends and family that come one here and read faithfully but have never commented and some have mentioend they are not sure how to do so. Therefore, below I posted a simple little instruction list on how to leave a comment or love note as I prefer to call them.

How to leave a comment:

At the end of my written post you will see a little link called Love Notes. 

1. Click on 'Love Notes'

2. Write your message in the box

3. Select a profile. There is a box under the comment box for that. If you don't have a profile, select Anonymous but include your name in the message box so I know it's you. =)  

4. Publish your comment.

5. It will then ask you to put in a code that will appear on your screen.

6. Your message will then appear on the screen.  And that's it!

If there are already messages from others simply scroll down to the end of those comments and you can begin to type in the message box provided to post a comment {love note}.

Thank you again for your loving support of Alexa, it truly warms our hearts! 

And thanks to my friend JM for allowing me to copy this idea from her blog for a comment tutorial of sorts!  =)


  1. I have and will always continue to follow along on your journey. Alexa is an inspiration and truly a hero. My thoughts and prayers are with you every day.

  2. I have stopped by your blog several times to see how things are going with your lo. She is adorable and I keep her in my prayers. I think you're a great writer too and do a wonderful job of blogging about what's going on in your lives.


  3. Hey,
    Just wanted to say "Hello" and I'm excited about looking back through your blog to catch up on your little one! :)

    I caught a glimpse of a surgery post below...I'll be praying! Thanks for your support through D's surgery. I love the comments too...especially during the tough times. I'll be here, pulling for that cutie!

    Big heart hugs and prayers,

  4. Hi Michelle,

    I just glanced at your blog and wanted to give you some encouragement. My son had the rastelli done at 15 days. He will be 9 on March 20. He had a revision done at age 16 months (his first conduit didn't last as long as hoped) but he's doing great now, looking at surgery in the next 1-2 years probably. Scary op, and you're right. Even a great survival rate is so scary. Is there a way I can send you a private e mail? I'd love to give you my e mail address but not on here, and also my facebook page as there are tons of pictures of Gabe! Huge hugs to you as you face this!

    Becca Chester

  5. Thank you Paula, Hope will continue in my thoughts and prayers as her surgery date gets closer.

    Daniele thanks for checking in on Alexa and the compliment. Glad I make sense sometimes and can make it somewhat enjoyable. =)

    Shannon, you are soooo welcome! Carter is so adorable I was amazed at how well he did and glad you got this behind you.

    Becca, thanks for leaving me a message I would love talking to you some more. I am on fb. You can email me at azseashell@cox.net and/or search for me on fb with that email. That is great that your son is doing so fabulous! It really does give me hope. Look forward to hearing from you.


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