November 16, 2009

A dreaded call to 911 & new mail lady in the neighborhood

Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Okay many of you know about the 911 call because I posted about it on facebook but I still want to update here for the sake of conserving an accurate historical account of the facts.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, my girls were/are sick. Alexa has never really been sick at all since bringing her home from the hospital, that's a little over year with nothing serious. Which has been wonderful and a true blessing! Oh and lot's of diligent work like hand washing, hand sanitizer, staying away from public places (as much as possible) and knowingly sick people, etc. But alas, with older children in school it is impossible to not have 'bugs' enter our home. So Yazzy came down with a cold, very runny nose, and sneezing, turned to coughing, low grade fever, only one night she the fever spiked 102. She does not like to be in her room alone, the face mask I bought her fit her big, and so she didn't feel terribly bad so she wandered around the house more than I would have liked. Needless to say, Alexa then came down, with a low grade fever, and some head congestion, then on early Friday morning, 1 a.m. to be exact, I had to make the call that being a heart momma I had always dreaded. Docs always warned me that getting sick for Alexa could prove to be very dangerous. She could get into serious trouble right away. That night she was very congested but managed to fall asleep after a while of fussiness. I had two humidifiers going in the house, one for each child, but still Alexa woke up gasping for air. She couldn't breathe, she kept trying to catch her breath but it wasn't happening. I could tell she was feeling panicked as was I. I woke up my husband, who was also feeling sick, and then I called 911. They were here relatively quickly. I had to explain all of Alexa's medical history. Called the cardiologist and we were on our way to the Children's ER. They gave Alexa a small dose of extra oxygen along the way. She was laying on my chest and I was propped on the gurney as we drove away and into an uncertain future. I worried about what we would be told as we got the hospital, I feared her needing to be intubated. She hated being messed with. Her 02 levels were a little lower than usual, which is not good because they are already low to begin with. She sounded very junky in her chest and noisy as she tried to breathe. The doc finally came to see us, and after listening to her suspected Alexa had Croup. She ordered for her to get a breathing treatment, a chest X-Ray, a nasal swab to rule out flu, and some oral steroid medication to open up her airway. After the breathing treatment which she hated but finally slept through the end of I could hear a noticeable difference in her. She sounded just so much clearer. The flu test was negative, thank goodness, and I felt so bad because I had to hold her down for the chest X-Ray and she just looked at me with her big sad eyes and wondered why I was doing this to her. I really hate her having to get soooo many X-Rays as it is so much radiation for a tiny body. But they had to make sure her lungs were okay. So after a long morning there about 5 a.m. I finally called my hubby to come pick us up. All I can say is thank goodness for 2 a.m. cartoons. And thank goodness we dodged one big bullet and got to come home sweet home again.

Now for other news, as I mentioned in my title there is a new mail lady in our neighborhood.

She is kind and generous and brings with her hand made notes with good tidings and cheer.

She travels far and wide

with big brother watching

carrying extra precious cargo

through traffic jams

and dangerous opposition

always with enough time to stop and chat to see how your doing

and to stop and skip a few rocks

does it all in high fashion

and never misses your house

Now don't you wish you had a mail lady like that?

I am glad we do.


  1. I enjoyed your mail lady update. How adorable!!

    Poor Alexa! We just went through the same thing in September. Logan got hit with Croup out of no where and we had to make a midnight run to our peds house when Logan was gasping too. Scary stuff!! I'm glad she is ok and I hope she gets better soon!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  2. I am glad that everything turned out OK for Alexa! My little Heart baby has had Croup twice already this season and it is so scary.

    I wish my mail carrier was that diligent in getting the mail to our house ;) very cute!

  3. Hey Michelle! I just wanted to let you know that I have a blog award for you on my blog.

  4. You visited my blog and asked about Food Inc. You can rent it! It is not out in red box yet. And I probably would not let young children watch it. Some of the footage of the animals is VERY disturbing.
    PS I really like your blog! I am going to follow! {grin}

  5. Hi Michelle! I wanted to send u a friend request on Facebook, but don't know ur last name. Can you please email me? or send me a friend req on FB? : )

    Glad to hear miss Alexa doesn't have the flu. Close call. How scary. I can't imagine the fear and anxiety. I hope she's feeling better now.

    Love and Heartmom Hugs,
    Melodie (Scarlett's mom)


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