May 9, 2011


Spec.ta.cle - noun

1.  anything presented to the sight or view, especially something of a striking or impressive kind: The stars make a fine spectacle tonight.
2. a public show or display, especially on a large scale: The coronation was a lavish spectacle.

So this is how I told my dear hubby I was feeling yesterday ~ like a spectacle.  Everywhere I go I can see through the corner of my eye people looking at me.  Analyzing me.  Whispering about me.  What I imagine them saying is "Wow, that is one big belly!" or "Shouldn't she be in the hospital already?"  or possibly "Are those twins or triplets in there?"  Gabe even told me he saw some guy just staring at my belly button as I passed by.  ..... sigh .... geesh ...

I don't look at anybody directly as I'm walking by for fear I may answer their unasked questions.  I just go about my business happily smiling away seemingly oblivious to their stares and comments.   Some people of course actually speak their mind, like the lady at Target yesterday that said "Wow that is the biggest belly I have ever seen, you should be very proud and takes lot's of pictures!"  So I laughed and wondered if my belly is really the biggest belly ever.  I mean, I'm four days shy of my due date, pregnant with my 4th child and my babies are usually on the bigger side.  So I find it to be understandable my belly looking this big at this stage of the game.  I almost feel like wearing a sign or thought of just staying secluded at home until my babies birthday.

But besides feeling like a specatacle I am feeling pretty great.  I saw a friend/waiter of mine at Olive Garden yesterday that said I had a nice pep in my step and looked like I was feeling great.  Which is true,  I felt more tired weeks ago.  I think I'm just excited to finally know the time is just so close.  I keep thinking how the dynamics of our family will change, how we will go from being a family of 5 to a family of 6!  I get a little sad when I think of Alexa not being the baby any more but happy when I  think of how excited and proud she will be to be a big sister.  Happy that my son will finally get to have a brother.  And just overall joy to finally get to hold and meet our new baby boy! 

For now behold - the biggest belly in the world!:
 {pics taken with cell close to sundown so not best quality}

with my babies
my honey and me

my loves

EDIT:  So my wonderful sister Eden just called to tell me she read my post and that I am huge.  Thank you sis!  But of course she has no children of her own yet ... ;)


  1. One of my closest friends is 6 days overdue as of tomorrow and very much feeling the same way ;) I think you look great! Hope you have a smooth labor!

  2. I think you look great! This coming from the girl who thinks she looks HUGE when pregnant. Ha! Seriously though Michelle you really do look amazing for being so close to your due date!

  3. Aunque no hablo Ingles,puedo ver que estas esperando un bebe,así que enhorabuena y que Jehová te bendiga.
    Espero que la niña este muy bien y ya recuperada.


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