January 28, 2011

Crusty and Pacemaker Check

This whole week has been filled with crusty eye syndrome a.k.a. conjunctivitis. Both girls have been greeting the day with their eyes glued shut.  Poor Lexi would wake up scared in the middle of night because she tried to open her eyes and couldn't.  At first I thought the pink eye was viral and not much to do about it besides warm compresses and cleaning the eyes with cotton balls and chamomile tea.  I don't like to jump on prescribing antibiotics {unless heart related and necessary of course} and would rather wait and help the body heal itself.  I went to Sprouts looking for an Eye Bright herb but was bummed because I only found it in capsule form.  As it's name implies it is very beneficial for the eye ~ making it bright and healthy.

After seeing my poor baby with swollen lids, red eyes and lot's of yellow/green discharge I came to the conclusion this looked more like a bacterial infection than a viral infection, so I finally called the doctor yesterday. They ordered her a prescription for antibiotic drops but the pharmacy called to tell me it had been delayed.  24 hours later we still have no meds.  Things looked better yesterday but they both still woke up with crusty eyes again this morning.

Yasmin missed school yesterday and is out again today because of a fever, sore throat, cough and achy ear.  After having a fever of 102.3 on Wednesday night and waking up feeling pretty crummy, as the day progressed she started feeling so much better and even wanted to go outside to ride her bike.  Oh I forgot to tell you that she now can ride her bike without training wheels!  Her daddy took her outside and she learned like in an hour ~ it was amazing!  Literally, I went to put Alexa for a nap and fell asleep with her and by the time we both woke up she was riding like a pro!   So anyway, it's weird to me that her fever creeps up at night and she as all these aches and pains she doesn't really complain about too much during the day.  I might be taking her in to the doc to get that ear checked out not sure yet {we will be playing it by ear ~ lol!} 

So this week has not been a good sleeping week - with children waking through out the night plus I've also been so uncomfortable trying to sleep already just tossing and turning from one side to the other.  And I know I will realistically not have good sleep again for at least another let's see year or two!  Wha!   

Regarding the pacemaker, Alexa had a home transmission check on Tuesday the 25th.  I forgot to send the transmission during the day and ended up doing it like at ten at night.  But it was okay because Gabe wanted to see how it was done.  Everything went through really easily.  The last time I had tried it had trouble getting a good signal.  The next day the cardiologist office called to say that, hooray, everything looked normal!   They want to see her in the office in 3 months.  That is like two weeks before my due date! I think I will be practically 'rolling' into the office that day.

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  1. Glad that everything checked out OK with the pacemaker. Hope the germs have left your house. YIKES!!


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