December 9, 2010

Heart Walk Pictures

Hello! Just wanted to update with some pics of the Heart Walk.  I know it's a month late but better late than never.  It was so great to be there with so many heart families and getting to meet heart momma's I only knew through their blog.  Thanks to family and friends for your support!!! 

Alexa ~ our precious little heart hero!

Congrats to my nephew Brian who won 2nd place on the 5K run!  

Mostly our whole group - Thanks for your support!

 William Folley, Executive Director of The Children's Heart Foundation &
Janeen Kododynski, President of the Phoenix Chapter of The Children's Heart Foundation

my little family at the finish line =) 

Our family with professional baseball player and CHD survivor Aaron Boone

1 comment:

  1. Glad to have been part of it. Had always wanted to do a walk for a good cause and now I can put that on my book of accomplished things. Thanks for having us there :)


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