April 28, 2010

Weekend in Pictures

This past weekend we were able to meet with other parents of children with mended hearts at a local park throught the Mended Little Hearts Organization.  It was great meeting other heart moms and watching our kids who have beat the odds just run and play.  I look forward to working with Mended Little Hearts on future projects and helping and meeting other parents along the way.  

 Elisa, Me and Daniele

A partial group picture

On the hill.

After the picnic we went to enjoy a the Diamond Backs play a game.  My son got to go out to walk the field with the little league baseball team my husband had him join.   They are the Angels! Go Angels and D-Backs!   

The Boyz!

Say cheese!

Perfect game weather!

Loving big sis!

The fabulous five! 

Alexa was surprisingly good through out the whole game which was pretty long. It's nice to be able to go out and just take her places now. She is discovering a whole new world she never new existed. Everywhere new we go she says "Wow!"

Life, for now, has resumed to normal.  After finding out about Alexa's CHD I always wondered if I would ever feel this way again.  If you are knew to the CHD journey please know it is possible.  Not only to survive this journey but to be happy again.   


  1. Those final words...remind me how I felt when my baby was born....for now I have been feeling normal and happy! And my baby is Happy and healthy! I pray it will all continue like this!

    All the best to Cute Lil Alexa!

    Big Hug!

  2. I enjoyed the pictures Michelle! It is great to see that you guys have been getting out and enjoying lots of new things with Alexa! She is a little miracle!

    I love the last few lines of your post. It is so true!

  3. Siempre haces muy buenas fotos y que dicen mucho.Los niños estan preciosos en especial Alexa.Besos y abrazos hermana.

  4. hello hola muy bonito tu bloger un saludo desde Morelos Mexico congregacion tetecala


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