February 23, 2010

Surgery Begins ~ Update 1

Alexa was taken back into the OR at 8:55 a.m.  Her surgery was delayed due to a late night emergency. 
So we got to enjoy a few extra hours of sleep but unfortunatley her surgeon and anasthesia doc did not.  I'm hoping they are use to these events and are still able to perform excellent.  They assured me they were ready.

Alexa graced us with her usual beautiful smile and cheerful disposition this morning.  Sadly it soon would vanish from her face as she became suspect of the hospital surroundings.  The anasthesiologist explained he would be brining a sleepy/feel good medicine they wanted me to give her and that as soon as she began getting loopy (about 5-10 minutes) they would take her back and getting her ready. After I gave her the medicine I began to tear up becasue I knew the baby I know and love would be falling asleep and heading into a fight for her life.  I didn't want to giver her up, I wanted to keep holding her forever and then just like that she was gone and my hubby and I broke down together.  And now we wait.  She was so cute though because she kept smiling and laughing at us as she got drowsy, she made us laugh and smile through our tears. 

We received an update that the surgeon began surgery (the incision) at 11 a.m. and she is well.  Please keep the prayers coming!  Thank you so much!  Each and every one is so appreciated.  Makes us feel good so many are praying for her/us. 


  1. Praying, praying, and praying and checking for updates. God will provide. Angie Montgomery

  2. Praying hard over here <3 checking often for updates!! You guys are in my thought and prayers <3

  3. Just said a prayer! Following updates. Hang in there, she will be out of surgery and you will get to see her soon! She will do great!

    Bridget Prahm
    Slayton, Mn

  4. Eli wants to tell her "I love you Alexa and I just did a prayer to Jehova for you". We also love you guys and we are praying as well.


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