January 14, 2010

Getting Ready

Getting ready. Those two words sum it up for me today.

Tomorrow is the cath, we must check in at 7 a.m., the procedure should take about 3 hours. Alexa will then be taken to the PICU to recover and remain under observation. They told us to plan to spend the night. I'm hoping it's not needed but preparing anyway. This will be the first time we're back 'in' the hospital since her discharge at one month old.

I am dreading not being able to giver her anything solid to eat or drink after 2 a.m. not water or juice after 4 a.m. The first thing she asks for when awakes is food. Wondering if I should wake her up to give her something to eat or drink before the magic hour? If other heart mommas are reading this, how did you handle it?

She has a bit of a lingering cough that comes and goes and some congestion I notice mostly at night but otherwise seems happy and normal. They are aware of this. I'm taking this as a mental preparation for the surgery to come. She hates being connected to machines and proded and poked, I am not ready to see her suffer but I know she needs this done. Just some things heart mommas and heart babies must endure.

My older kiddos are nervous for their little sister and knowing we will be at the hospital, left a note for their teachers to let them call us during the day if they would like. So off to continue getting ready ... and thanks to everyone including my friends and family for your support and prayers. 

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