November 5, 2009

Look Who's WALKING!!!

Alexa had been taking a couple of steps here and there when persuaded to do so at 12 months. On Friday of last week she walked about 5 steps at a time, again when persuaded. Yesterday, she took off walking when I wasn't looking and least expected! Needless to say, she is loving her new found skill. She tries over and over no prompting or convincing required. She is getting pretty far along the house.

I am so excited and yet so sad and just so emotional over it! She is my baby and she is growing up right before my eyes! (which is just the way I like it) I am going to miss her special little crawl she does though, scooting around on her bum and dragging one leg around and pushing herself with one arm. But then again, will be glad she will be getting off the dirty floor, no matter how many times I mop it.

Wow! My baby is walking! Did you hear that world? WALKING!

I officially bought her, her Stride Rite baby shoes last Friday because I knew it was only a matter of days, so ...

Watch out world! Here she comes!

Isn't she gorgeous?!

I'm just so proud. Tissue please.

p.s. Don't mind my curtains, I've been wanting to go to Ikea or fabric store forever since purchasing our new sectional to look for some new delightful curtains, but heart mommas, you know how it is, kind of hard to do when your suppose to be home fleeing from the flu.


  1. Alexa!! You are walking!! Congratulations to you and your family. We haven't met you, but hoping soon we will and you will meet a great friend who is just 2 months younger than you. Much love to you you siblings and mommy..

    See you soon Mitch!

    Leidy & Annemarie

  2. Way to go Alexa!!! YAY!!! Keep those shoes moving!

    Stef, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan

  3. Que Hermosa!! She looks like shes having a good time and looks like shes dancing. I'm sure she will not stop not for a second. The real fun is about to begin. Give Adi a couple of months and there both going to be running a marathon with their daddys. :)

  4. OMG Walking!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL I can wait til she gets off the floor!!

  5. The pictures you took say everything! She looks like she is loving her new found skill too. They grow up so fast.


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