October 20, 2009

Reason # 1, 773, 262 why I love my husband

My dear hubby doesn't know this, but last night I fell in love with him all over again.

As I laid in my dimly lit bedroom, ceiling fan humming and baby crying beside me, the love of my life walks quietly into our room to find out why the baby had begun to cry.

"She want's more tee tee (meaning to nurse)" I say, in a kind of defeated sort of voice.

He knows I have been sore from her wanting to be latched lately, not just for nursing but by her using me as a pacifier.

Without another word, he gently picks her up, and sits at the edge of our bed rocking her back and forth as he softly explains she can't always use the "tee tee" to fall asleep. He begins to sing her a sweet made up little song about saying goodbye to the tee tee.

I love nursing my daughter but thoughts of weaning have began to enter my mind. I'm not ready to do it quite yet as clearly neither is she, but as he sang her that song I couldn't help but contemplate that in the foreseeable future this beautiful journey may be coming to an end.

As I look over at them, I could see the back of his and her silhouette. She gently begins to lay her head against his shoulder and her little arm falls to the side. I see her go from rigid and upset to peacefully melting away into her daddy's arms.

I look at them

and I am in love with both.

I think of how safe she feels in his arms,

about what a great, patient, gentle and loving father he is.

And I cannot help and think about our Heavenly Father,

about how much He loves each one of us

and how good we feel in His arms

when we allow ourselves to be comforted by Him.

And so I lay in my bed

with a full heart

filled with joy and gratitude

for the love that surrounds me ...

both from heaven and on earth.

Thank you to my angel Gabriel for being more than any women would ever want and deserves. For our beautiful life, for you.

Love Always
your wife, mm.


  1. Beautiful words. Your husband will probably have a couple of tear drops while hes reading. Well said.

  2. Thats so sweet!! thank you for sharing this with all of us!! Santiago's mommy =)

  3. Very touching! Sounds like you found a keeper!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  4. Thank's you very much for your prayers, I just saw your message. also pray that, the Jehova God further assistance...

    El mixteco

  5. I LOVE this post! I feel the same way about my husband...love, love, love to watch him love on our babies. I tell him all of the time that I totally get why all of the kids want to snuggle with him...he is SO good at it. :0)
    Also...love the analogy...spot on!


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