September 15, 2009

Car seats - Sit for this

Yay! My girl is getting a girly girl car seat! I'm excited to be receiving Alexa's new car seat in the mail, well, really by my door any day now! After much research, (ugh, I research everything) I decided to go with a Boulevard in Madison! We've had car seats before, but never a cute pattern. Plus I got a great deal on it (although my husband doesn't think so) through They usually go over $300 and I got it for a sweet deal of $219 no tax free shipping. Can't beat it! So I'm can't wait to receive it, and have my Lexi girl travel in comfort, safety and style!

I've also decided I will be rear facing Alexa as long as possible. Her new car seat rear faces up to 35 pounds and forward faces up to 65. This is very important! Before it was recommended children rear facing until they were 1 year old and 20 pounds. This is no longer the case, now it's at least 2 years and 30 pounds. Please see the video below created by a loving grandpa if you have any doubt about the benefits of rear facing your child.

My older kids 7 and 5, are currently in Britax Regents, they are 5 point harness up to 80 pounds. Yes, some would say I'm over top with this, maybe, but I value safety very much. I try my best to keep my family safe as much as I can. It seems now, that I've been hearing/reading in the news that finally they are talking about the forgotten group of children from 4-8 years old. They still need boosters! Because of a video I found on line, I decided to keep my children not only in a booster but with the 5 point harness. I couldn't help feel heart broken for this family and pictured my own two (at the time) children, if they didn't have each other. See Kyle's video,I cannot hear that song and not think of him anymore.

Don't be in rush to turn your baby over, or move them from a car seat to a booster, every level you go up, your really going down on protection. Here is good link to some more car seat safety info:

Okay, now off to cook some chicken parmigiana I've been craving for days - yum!


  1. Michelle,
    Thanks for sending me your blog info. I always look forward to making new connections with other heart families...especially ones who have had similar surgeries as Logan.

    You have taken some amazing pictures of your little girl and I have to say that she is ADORABLE!

    I look forward to taking the time to read through some of your old posts.

    Sending many prayers your way!

    Stefenie, Ryan, Wyatt and Logan Jacks

  2. Thank you for posting these videos. Very eye-opening.

    BTW: Hope u don't mind I "borrowed" your Heart Mom button on the side of your blog. I love it!! I used it on my blog post yesterday. Where did u get it? I want to make a bumper sticker out of it. It's such a great logo. :)

  3. Thank you so much for the car seat information. I just bought a convertiable car seat for my daughter seen this makes me realize I need to make a huge change and return it and get a safer one that can hold her until she turns 40 pounds.


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