May 21, 2009

NICU Day One

I couldn't wait to get to the hospital the next day to see my little girl! I had to get a day pass from my hospital to go see her. I never wanted anything more in my life than that. I waited and waited for my husband to come pick me up to take me over. In the mean time, I got ready and pondered about my swollen belly, how it wasn't squishy like after my other two births. Instead my belly looked like a mini'er version of my previous self, still hard and round just a bit smaller. As I continued to wait, I decided to venture outside my hospital room, I had many well wishers about my 'impending birth' I did not correct them just smiled and nodded about my soon to be due date. I went to the gift store to inquire about a breast pump and I cried again while I sat on a bench. Their were also some ladies inside selling knock off Coach and Dooney & Bourke Bags, it distracted me for about two seconds, then I remembered I would hopefully soon be caring a diaper bag for while, so these others were not needed. I went back upstairs and was proud I had managed to handle the maze at the hospital back to my room. I then waited some more. To my husbands defense he had a lot of things to get settled back home before he came to pick me up, especially like our other two kiddies, so although the waiting seemed long I understood. So finally my prince charming walked through the door and off we went.

Oh and funny side note story I just recalled: The night after my baby's birth, I had terrible back pain. I could not sleep comfortable in my hospital bed, and of course the night just seemed to d r a g terribly! So in the middle of night I decided to hop out of my bed and move to the convertible sleeper chair bed or whatever it's called. Yes, I was desperate! I made myself a cozy spot and felt a little better. In the morning, with the room still a little dark, about 6 a.m. the OB came to check me but couldn't find me. She came over to ask me where the patient had gone and I had to admit I was it. Of course I felt like a dork after wards but I think she did too a little bit. Hee. hee.

Okay, so again, off prince charming and I went to the NICU for the first time since our tour back when I was pregnant. It was a place I never imagined I would be visiting, ever, much less for my own child. I washed my hands really meticulously like required before entering and I rushed to my little girls side, well maybe not rushed because I was still pretty achy and sore at the time. I stood there for a long time, staring at her, talking to her, feeling her warm soft skin with my hand. My heart ached to see her all wired up and I pretty much did that all day until my feet swelled ... (some more).

But I didn't leave that day until I got to hold her for just a few minutes and my heart rejoiced!!!


  1. Michelle,

    I'm so glad that you found me! I love to connect to other heart moms and heart families, especially when our situations are so similar. I would love to be on your list, and as soon as I get my site updated, I'd love to add you to mine. I LOVE the heart mom button on your sidebar, if you'd like to share, I'd proudly display it.

    I know you asked me a bunch of questions and I promise to answer tomorrow! I just wanted to pop over and say a quick hello!


  2. I just now saw your comment on my blog! Sorry I didn't write you sooner. Thanks for leaving me a comment, our babies are the exact same age! I delivered at Banner Gateway, we didn't know about her defect until after she was born. She's had her surgery and subsequent treatments at St. Joe's. We LOVE her cardiologist, Dr. Pohpal. We live in the East Valley. Where are you? I didn't have much time to read all of your posts, I'll surly come back. :) Hugs from one mom to another (and hugs for your precious baby!)
    Jill :)


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